About Bohanans


Bohanan’s Prime Steaks & Seafood welcomes you to a new tradition in fine dining. After all, there’s something to be said about tradition – it lasts! At Bohanan’s, this is what we hope to create, a feeling that lasts long past your visit with us.

The first day my friend Sandy Locke and I walked the space that is now the restaurant, we decided to fight to preserve the original floor throughout the renovation process. The pinewood floor, a rarity these days, is one of select, quarter-sawn, eighteen-foot lengths. This wood that had stood for hundreds of years as trees on solid ground has lain for almost another century as the floor in this building, a floor walked on by our parents, grandparents, and many San Antonian’s over the years that were customers of businesses like Joseph’s Men’s Store, and before that Carl’s Clothing Store, businesses with owners that took pride in serving others. At Bohanan’s, we are dedicated not only to preserving this old floor but also to preserving the old way of doing business.

It is a privilege to serve you today and to have you spend time with us as you celebrate your special occasion, visit with family and friends, or close that business deal you’ve worked hard on for months. At Bohanan’s, we’ve blended Texas spirit with Old World charm, creating a space that pays tribute to the traditions of the past with a sense of pride.

Growing up, I spent countless Texas nights enjoying the smell of mesquite wood as it smoldered into cuts of beef on the open grill and the burst of flavor from that first bite washed down with good conversation is still fresh on my mind. Memories like these need to be passed down from generation to generation. They need to be preserved like this old wood floor which now serves as the foundation of our restaurant. That’s how tradition is born. That’s how tradition lasts. We sure hope to see you, perhaps giving birth to your own traditions . . . right here at Bohanan’s!

Mark Bohanan
Chef / Owner


Mark Bohanan – Executive Chef & Owner
Scott Becker – General Manager
Jenny Rabb - Director of Catering
Carlos Faz - Manager
Shaun Kimmey – Banquet Manager


Restaurant Hours

  • M-F 11AM - 2PM (LUNCH)
  • M-TH 5PM - 10PM
  • F-SAT 5PM - 11PM
  • SUN 5PM - 10PM

Bar Hours

  • M-F 11AM - 2PM (LUNCH)
  • M-TH 5PM - 11PM
  • F-SAT 5PM - 2AM
  • SUN 5PM - 10PM
  • We want all of our guests to feel at ease in our refined atmosphere, so please observe a suitable standard of dress — no flip flops, slogan t-shirts, denim shorts, jogging suits or tank tops.

  • Thank you for your consideration.
  • Scott Becker, GM