About Bohanans

Glutton for Punishment

"When it comes to legendary steaks, Texas is the obvious state—when it comes to legendary steakhouses, Bohanan’s is the obvious choice.”
-Bob Blumer

Bob Blumer loves a challenge. One week he's training for the national Oyster Shucking Contest, the next he's juggling razor-sharp knives during a crash course to become a Benihana chef. Fun, fast-paced and entertaining, this is a show for passionate foodies and the armchair adventurer. Prepare for engaging stories, lots of practical information and non-stop action. Part travel, part epicurean quest, part sporting event, it proves that there's no distance too far and no challenge too intimidating for a genuine glutton.

In this episode, which aired on the Food Network on March 19, 2008, Bob spends four days at Bohanan's. Under the watchful eye of Executive Chef & Owner Mark Bohanan and his staff, Bob attempts to learn how to grill steaks to perfection ... or suffer the consequences.


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