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Bohanan’s Named in Top 10 US Steakhouses by Yahoo Travel

Jan 24, 2014

Bohanan’s Prime Steaks & Seafood, a long-standing San Antonio favorite, was recently named one of Yahoo Travel’s 10 classic steakhouses to visit in the United States. Known for its juicy and flavorful cuts, Bohanan’s is the perfect setting for enjoying a civilized evening of cocktails and conversation.

Yahoo Travel described Bohanan’s as “old-school New York” and acknowledged the restaurant as the first to use Akaushi beef in the U.S. Special mention was also made that everything is mesquite grilled, Texas style, over an open flame.

Along with its old-world charm and Texas spirit, Bohanan’s offers this special brand of beef to create a tasty and memorable experience for guests. The meat is a cherished commodity in Japan, raised within a forage grazing system where special attention to human herd health, animal stress reduction and no growth hormones is focused. “The cattle are raised on a healthy diet that creates superior marbling and texture,” Executive Chef and Owner Mark Bohanan said. “We love it because it’s very tender, juicy and flavorful, all perfect complements to the atmosphere I set out to create 12 years ago.”

The Japanese — along with many beef experts — believe the meat to be the most palatable and healthy in the world. It’s significantly higher in monounsaturated and other beneficial fatty acids and lower in saturated fatty acids than beef from all Western cattle breeds.

In addition to exceedingly high standards when it comes to steak, Bohanan’s also offers guests a unique dining atmosphere like no other. In 2002, Mark Bohanan opened the restaurant on the second floor and was delighted when in 2008 the first floor became available for him to create an urban bar with a pinewood floor and classy ambiance to accompany his world-class steakhouse.

Music and craft cocktails are also key elements of the restaurant and bar’s atmosphere and accompany the savory steak aroma with their smooth and soulful notes. A range of ambient tunes can be heard from American standards, cool bossa nova beats, R&B and jazz to old school and contemporary sounds.

Come to Bohanan’s and take a table, perch at the bar or have a seat in the deep comfort of a leather club chair and let the lively atmosphere take you back to old world times as the quiet and professional staff serves you delicious steak and classic cocktails. The night is sure to delight your taste buds and remind you of good times.


Restaurant Hours

  • M-F 11AM - 2PM (LUNCH)
  • M-TH 5PM - 10PM
  • F-SAT 5PM - 11PM
  • SUN 5PM - 10PM

Bar Hours

  • M-F 11AM - 2PM (LUNCH)
  • M-TH 5PM - 11PM
  • F-SAT 5PM - 2AM
  • SUN 5PM - 10PM
  • We want all of our guests to feel at ease in our refined atmosphere, so please observe a suitable standard of dress — no flip flops, slogan t-shirts, denim shorts, jogging suits or tank tops.

  • Thank you for your consideration.
  • Scott Becker, GM